The Basics to Networking.


“Succeeding in business is all about making connections” – Richard Branson

I consider myself to be an introvert.

Networking is not easy when you are an introvert, I remember the first time I was terrified…just kidding, what I mean that it was not easy for me at first, but very soon I notice that it was not that difficult to be done.

After you have done it a couple of times, believe me, you will notice the difference, you won’t feel scared to communicate with others anymore, on the contrary, you will totally value the enormous benefit that this can bring to you. The exchange of information and knowledge with other people is totally priceless.

Probably you might have heard both the good and the bad of networking. Both sides of the coin, from people who have taken full benefit of it, and others who will think twice before they ever do it again. In my opinion, I don’t want to be included in the last group.

Nowadays, you have to consider the value through networking not only for your business also for your personal life.


Here are 5 tips on networking that will help you build a solid foundation and grow a strong circle of connections.

  1. Be yourself from the start. Anyone will see right through you if you’re putting on “airs” in order to impress them. People want to do business with people they like so be authentically you.
  2. Pace yourself. Connections, made correctly, will be long-lived so don’t make that first meeting all about you and your product.
  3. Be curious. The best way to get to know people is to listen and to have a genuine curiosity.
  4. Make the effort. Events are high energy and people get wrapped up in the moment. As soon as they return back to work, that quickly weans and its business as usual. Make the effort to stay in touch. A short email, text, or even snail mail communication is often met with pleasant surprise.
  5. Be a good addition. You meet people every single day and not every person is going to be a good fit for your network. The reverse is true. Many people will meet you and not jive with you in that way. When there is a mutual connection, be sure to be a good addition to their network. Be someone they can count on and it is very likely that they will do the same.

*Source: It All Started With a Feather; a Networking Success Story. – Michelle Lawson


Just remember Networking is based on the question “How can I help” and not with “What can I get”. It’s all about harvesting not hunting.

How to Create a Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List.

“If you are not seeing the email channel as a money-making machine, you have the wrong strategy”. ~ Hans Smellinckx

If you’re resting all your marketing ambitions on the hope that first-time visitors will make a purchase, you’re going to have trouble making any money. Only about 1% of visitors are ready to make a purchase during their first visit. On average, you’ll need about 4 or 5 points of contact before getting a sale.

A lead magnet is designed to help you capture the email address of these visitors so that you can direct them back to your sales funnel. They’re designed for the 99% of prospects that leave your site without making a purchase.

So, if you want to gain these email addresses, you should take the time to create an effective lead magnet.

Research Your Competitor’s Lead Magnets

First, you’ll need to look at your competitor’s lead magnets. Look at the offers that they provide. You shouldn’t copy their offers. But, you can use your research to ensure that you’re offering something original and more appealing than what your competition is offering.

This research will give you a better sense of what your potential buyers want. Use this information as you choose your offer. Generally, these offers will fall into one of these categories:

  • PDF, eBook, or downloadable guide
  • Video tutorial
  • Webinars
  • Discounts or coupons

The medium that you choose for your offer will depend on your market. PDF and other readable content are useful when you don’t have a tangible product.

So, if you offer digital goods or services, your customers will expect digital offers. Though, downloadable content can be applied to almost any industry.

When creating your offer, the medium is not nearly as important as the actual content. Whether you film a video tutorial or put together a downloadable guide, you need to choose a topic that your potential buyers are interested in.

Researching the Top Concerns of Your Potential Buyers

Researching the top concerns of your potential buyers will help you choose a topic for your lead magnet. People want solutions. They want valuable information. You’ll provide them with the answers or facts that they need.

There are several ways to learn more about the top concerns of your target demographic. You can search forums and communities. Look at the questions that people ask most frequently on these websites.

You can also look at social media comments. This includes comments on both your own social media accounts and the accounts of your competition. Social media is the preferred method of communication for most consumers.

A little bit of keyword research can also help you find a topic. See what keyword phrases are searched for most frequently. Focus on keyword searches related to questions or concerns.

After you’ve researched the top concerns of your potential buyers, you’ll have a topic to discuss. Make this topic the focus of your free content. Then, this content together in a PDF, video, or webinar.

Create a Killer Title and Sub-title

Once you have an offer, the rest is easy. You just need a great title and sub-title. Be specific and keep your title simple. Address the problem or concern that you promise to solve in your free content.

The sub-title follows up on this promise by telling visitors what they’ll find on this page. Make it obvious to your visitors what they’re about to read.

This same tip applies to the rest of your web page. Keep the content simple and direct. You need to stick to the point. The entire goal of the page is to get visitors to sign up to your email list by offering free content. Make sure that they understand exactly what they’re about to sign up for.

A lead magnet is an invaluable tool used for growing your email list. But, there are more steps that you can take. If you’d like more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready internet marketing prospects every month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

Play Full Out.

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid”. – Basil King

It’s the ‘make it happen moment’. Let me create the scenario.

The clock has only 60 seconds to the end of the game.  The score is 2 points difference in favor of the other team. The final shot is in Justin’s hands, but this definitely has been a hard and long game. The other team was really good, they have been champions three years in a row. These are the semifinals. ‘If I score, the team will be heading to the finals for the first time. So, this is all on me‘. Justin thought.

He felt tired, exhausted, like if in his body there is nothing more than the single drop of energy that he could give. All kind of doubts came true his mind, he was not sure if he could make it.

Before he decided to play that last shot, he looks sideways and sees his coach.  The look in his eyes reminds him of a conversation he had with the team earlier in the locker room. He encourages all by saying these words…  

There will be moments in life that you will feel that you have given all, that you have put everything on the table, but be really honest with yourself, can you really say that you gave it all? Are you totally committed?  Are you totally focused? 

Analyze this situation, and tell me who gives more?  The person that has 50% to give and gives his 50% or the person that has 100% and only gives half… 

Go out there and give it all, play all of it! 

Justin is now ready, he has his vision clear and totally focus on his goal. He took a deep breath and throw his shot….

This is a fictional story. 


It depends on the way you decide to act in front of any situation. You need to continue motivated, you need to move forward and don’t lose your enthusiasm even though you are not feeling totally positive about it.

Play with heart, with intensity, with everything you got. Dump any excuses, any ‘but’ that does pass through your mind. Find the way to make it happen. Believe in your vision.

Play Full Out.

What is your Fear? 

This might sound like a confession, but there have been several times in my life where I have felt fear, I can name some of them.

– talking to the guy I had a crush on

– when I got my first promotion

– giving birth to my first child

– opening my business.

Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of failure.

But in each and every situation,  I learned and understood that it was absolutely necessary that I overcome my fear in order to succeed, in order to move forward.


“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith”. – Mary Manin Morrissey


We have a natural instinct to put barriers or obstacles when we feel that we are exiting our comfort zone.  Question everything using “What if…” and “But” creating in our minds all the risk that can occur.

All of this leads us to the situation which can be named – “Paralysis due to Analysis”.

In your comfort zone, you get settle, you get accustomed to being there, and that there is no need to change anything.  “Why to risk it, if  I am good right where I am” you might say. Well, allow me to tell you, that you are wrong. I know it feels good and cozy where you are.  But don’t condemn yourself to a non-exit place. Don’t make your mindset convince you that is not the right thing to do. That you cannot make it or that you are not capable of doing it.


There is always something new to do. There is always something new to learn. There is a constant innovation. If you receive an opportunity today, to change or to do better, would you be afraid, would you let that your fear decide for you?

This below is a little evaluation and I will like that you are totally honest with yourself when responding to each question.

If you need to make a change and fear is holding you back, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What is the best outcome that can happen?
  • What is the worst outcome that can possibly happen?
  • What is the result of remaining the same?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to send me your answers. 🙂

Just see for yourself the results and analyze what the final decision you will take, what you will do with that fear that is stopping you from achieving your Goal.

Would you take the decision to move forward, or would you prefer that in a near future you will look back at that opportunity you didn’t take and think… I missed it.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Keep moving forward.