That’s impossible! You will never make it.

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible“.- Francis of Assisi

I started a journey couple months ago, day after day I keep focused and always moving forward, towards my objective which is to achieve my goals very shortly. I know it is not an easy journey, but I am totally aimed to succeed and I would not allow that anyone derailed me from my path.

But when people (friends or family) ask you what are you doing and you tell them about your dreams, projects or plans, the first thing they say is “That’s impossible” “Are you crazy, that’s not going to happen” “You will never make it“You are wasting your time”. The only words that come from their mouths are usually all negative.

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Even though they probably have the best intentions…they really think they are doing you good, I have learned to ignore these comments and instead turned them around so that they motivate me to continue my path and be fully determined in achieving my goals.

You started your journey for a reason, this should always be on your top of mind. That inner voice that tells you to make it happen, you need to pay very close attention to it, don’t ignore it.

Stay away from the negative people, keep them far. It depends on you, who you want to listen. Would you prefer the negative thoughts or the positive ones?

It’s your call. You decide what will be your next step.

But always remember,

…if you want something, Go get it. Period!.”– Chris Gardner




Dumping All Excuses

“Ninety-nine percent of the failures comes from people who have the habit of making excuses”.- George Washington Carver


What are your excuses?

Too tired, too difficult, no time, no money, too much work, too much to learn.

These are just some examples of excuses, that you will usually use. Excuses that most of the time are made up.  Unfortunately, you cannot expect to get results from excuses. The only thing that these excuses do is limit you from moving forward or from achieving your goals.

You will always find an excuse, to avoid a certain situation or a responsibility, to avoid a new opportunity or a new challenge.


Why is it that we make excuses?

The main reason we give excuses is because of fear. As I mentioned on one of my previous posts, What is your Fear? , you need to learn to ignore the fear that stops you from moving forward, that avoids you from achieving your goals.

Excuses are like self-defense mechanism that activates at the threshold of our fears when we are attempting to do something that is out of our comfort zone.

But it depends totally on you if you want to allow that your fear overcomes your desire or your willingness to succeed or to grow in any aspect of your life. Excuses are for people who don’t want it bad enough.

If you really want something you don’t make excuses, you simply make it happen.

That what motivates you, that pushes you to move forward, that is your top of mind, your priority number one, your reason WHY.  Don’t listen to those that tell you that ‘you can’t do it’. There shouldn’t be any excuses valid enough that can stop you from achieving your goals.

Let me share a short story with you. (True Story)

Little 11-year-old James had a big, very impractical idea. He was going to graduate from high school. Before you dismiss what would seem a pretty average accomplishment for most, consider his story.

James lived in rural, war-torn Uganda. He lost his entire family to disease by the time he was six and was raised by his poor grandmother who didn’t earn enough for the $130/quarter tuition.

A high school diploma was not in the cards for James.You could hardly blame him if he saw his goal as impossible and gave up to go work in the fields.

But he didn’t. Instead, he and his grandmother devised a crazy plan that would secure the financing he needed to finish school. All he needed to start was a goat to sell. His grandmother was able to sell one of hers and, with the proceeds, James was able to buy shoes, a change of clothes, and a ticket for an 8-hour bus ride to the capital city where he’d stay with his aunt.

That’s where the plan gets really interesting. To get the money necessary for school, he needed to sneak into the president’s compound and ask for help. He’d have to scale a barbed-wire fence and get past the armed security guards but once inside, he learned, he’d be greeted warmly and given money for tuition.

So that’s what he did. And—to everyone’s amazement—it worked. Today, at age 32, James has two masters degrees and a great job.

Making excuses and giving up would have been easy. The hurdles between 11-year-old James and James of today were immense. But something deep inside compelled him to take responsibility for his life and do whatever it took to realize his goal.

At the age of 11, James had mastered his psychology and brought his dreams to life. His story is heroic, but it’s also well-explained by science. Regardless your situation in life, there’s a direct link between the excuses you make for yourself and how much success you achieve.

If you have big plans for yourself—but you see immense hurdles in front of you—you’ll need to learn to be like James.

*Source: Extreme Hardship Illustrates the Science of Success

By Tyler Tervooren

 Learn more about James Arinaitwe and his story.


No excuses accepted, always keep in mind what motivates you and…

Just Make it Happen!




Set Your Goals vs Get Your Goals

A man without a goal, is like a ship without a rudder.”–Thomas Carlyle

In my last post, I mentioned the importance of your mindset and the way you confront situations in your life. I gave you the example of the elephant, who believed that ‘he couldn’t let go and be free’, after he was convinced that he was not able to do it, he didn’t make any effort to do more.

So today we are focusing on Setting Goals, or I will prefer to say Getting Goals. The difference between these two lies only in you.

We all have ideas and dreams that we would like to fulfill. But only when you have written them down and create a plan, only then, you have finally set your Goal.


“People with goals succeed, because they know where they’re going” – Earl Nightingale


We set goals in which we do our best to accomplish them in a specific time. These goals motivate us to keep moving forward. But, after a goal has been set, how much effort do we really put to Get our Goals? What is needed for this?

I have learned to follow these steps throughout the way. Hope these steps can help you also.

  • Set specific dates for each goal

I previously mentioned about making a plan. You might probably think if I know already what I want, why should a write it down?  The answer is simple, by writing it down, it helps you to be more focus and keeps you oriented.

Let me give you an example. When you go to the grocery store, do you go with a list or you go without one and try to remember what you need. If you don’t have a list with you, I am sure that you will forget to buy something that you really needed, unfortunately you will only notice or remember when you are leaving the grocery store or worse, when you are already back home, so you will have to drive all back again to go and get it.

This is very common and can happen to any of us.

So might as well we have a plan written from the start so that we can avoid distractions on our way to pursuing our goals. Write down your plan and keep it in a visible place, so that you can see it every day and set a time frame of things that needs to be done, with specific dates and tangible milestones.

  • Chunk down into a series of little steps.

Now that you have your plan ready, you can focus on getting your goal. At the simple sight, you probably think it is complicated or very long list of things to be done. Just be realistic with the goal that you have set to achieve. Analyze your plan and see how you can break down into little steps so that you can make it happen.

Don’t discourage yourself by thinking “this is too much”, everything needs to go through a process in order to be completed.


Step by step, you will see that when you are scratching out the things on your list you are moving towards the correct track to finally get your Goal.

You are working on your roadmap, and there is a route to follow so that you can get from point A to point B. Get to work and stick to it.

  • Do a constant review of your goals. 

Focus and measure everything, this way you will be able to make corrections throughout the way.

Situations might change during your journey, adjust your plan but don’t derail from your track.


Completing these goals will help you grow in many ways. Nevertheless, at the end of the road when you looked back and see how much you have done, you will feel proud of yourself for all that you have accomplished through the way.

It won’t be easy but I guarantee it will be totally worth it.


Stay Focus.