Dumping All Excuses

“Ninety-nine percent of the failures comes from people who have the habit of making excuses”.- George Washington Carver


What are your excuses?

Too tired, too difficult, no time, no money, too much work, too much to learn.

These are just some examples of excuses, that you will usually use. Excuses that most of the time are made up.  Unfortunately, you cannot expect to get results from excuses. The only thing that these excuses do is limit you from moving forward or from achieving your goals.

You will always find an excuse, to avoid a certain situation or a responsibility, to avoid a new opportunity or a new challenge.


Why is it that we make excuses?

The main reason we give excuses is because of fear. As I mentioned on one of my previous posts, What is your Fear? , you need to learn to ignore the fear that stops you from moving forward, that avoids you from achieving your goals.

Excuses are like self-defense mechanism that activates at the threshold of our fears when we are attempting to do something that is out of our comfort zone.

But it depends totally on you if you want to allow that your fear overcomes your desire or your willingness to succeed or to grow in any aspect of your life. Excuses are for people who don’t want it bad enough.

If you really want something you don’t make excuses, you simply make it happen.

That what motivates you, that pushes you to move forward, that is your top of mind, your priority number one, your reason WHY.  Don’t listen to those that tell you that ‘you can’t do it’. There shouldn’t be any excuses valid enough that can stop you from achieving your goals.

Let me share a short story with you. (True Story)

Little 11-year-old James had a big, very impractical idea. He was going to graduate from high school. Before you dismiss what would seem a pretty average accomplishment for most, consider his story.

James lived in rural, war-torn Uganda. He lost his entire family to disease by the time he was six and was raised by his poor grandmother who didn’t earn enough for the $130/quarter tuition.

A high school diploma was not in the cards for James.You could hardly blame him if he saw his goal as impossible and gave up to go work in the fields.

But he didn’t. Instead, he and his grandmother devised a crazy plan that would secure the financing he needed to finish school. All he needed to start was a goat to sell. His grandmother was able to sell one of hers and, with the proceeds, James was able to buy shoes, a change of clothes, and a ticket for an 8-hour bus ride to the capital city where he’d stay with his aunt.

That’s where the plan gets really interesting. To get the money necessary for school, he needed to sneak into the president’s compound and ask for help. He’d have to scale a barbed-wire fence and get past the armed security guards but once inside, he learned, he’d be greeted warmly and given money for tuition.

So that’s what he did. And—to everyone’s amazement—it worked. Today, at age 32, James has two masters degrees and a great job.

Making excuses and giving up would have been easy. The hurdles between 11-year-old James and James of today were immense. But something deep inside compelled him to take responsibility for his life and do whatever it took to realize his goal.

At the age of 11, James had mastered his psychology and brought his dreams to life. His story is heroic, but it’s also well-explained by science. Regardless your situation in life, there’s a direct link between the excuses you make for yourself and how much success you achieve.

If you have big plans for yourself—but you see immense hurdles in front of you—you’ll need to learn to be like James.

*Source: Extreme Hardship Illustrates the Science of Success

By Tyler Tervooren

 Learn more about James Arinaitwe and his story.


No excuses accepted, always keep in mind what motivates you and…

Just Make it Happen!




Play Full Out.

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid”. – Basil King

It’s the ‘make it happen moment’. Let me create the scenario.

The clock has only 60 seconds to the end of the game.  The score is 2 points difference in favor of the other team. The final shot is in Justin’s hands, but this definitely has been a hard and long game. The other team was really good, they have been champions three years in a row. These are the semifinals. ‘If I score, the team will be heading to the finals for the first time. So, this is all on me‘. Justin thought.

He felt tired, exhausted, like if in his body there is nothing more than the single drop of energy that he could give. All kind of doubts came true his mind, he was not sure if he could make it.

Before he decided to play that last shot, he looks sideways and sees his coach.  The look in his eyes reminds him of a conversation he had with the team earlier in the locker room. He encourages all by saying these words…  

There will be moments in life that you will feel that you have given all, that you have put everything on the table, but be really honest with yourself, can you really say that you gave it all? Are you totally committed?  Are you totally focused? 

Analyze this situation, and tell me who gives more?  The person that has 50% to give and gives his 50% or the person that has 100% and only gives half… 

Go out there and give it all, play all of it! 

Justin is now ready, he has his vision clear and totally focus on his goal. He took a deep breath and throw his shot….

This is a fictional story. 


It depends on the way you decide to act in front of any situation. You need to continue motivated, you need to move forward and don’t lose your enthusiasm even though you are not feeling totally positive about it.

Play with heart, with intensity, with everything you got. Dump any excuses, any ‘but’ that does pass through your mind. Find the way to make it happen. Believe in your vision.

Play Full Out.

What is your Fear? 

This might sound like a confession, but there have been several times in my life where I have felt fear, I can name some of them.

– talking to the guy I had a crush on

– when I got my first promotion

– giving birth to my first child

– opening my business.

Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of failure.

But in each and every situation,  I learned and understood that it was absolutely necessary that I overcome my fear in order to succeed, in order to move forward.


“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith”. – Mary Manin Morrissey


We have a natural instinct to put barriers or obstacles when we feel that we are exiting our comfort zone.  Question everything using “What if…” and “But” creating in our minds all the risk that can occur.

All of this leads us to the situation which can be named – “Paralysis due to Analysis”.

In your comfort zone, you get settle, you get accustomed to being there, and that there is no need to change anything.  “Why to risk it, if  I am good right where I am” you might say. Well, allow me to tell you, that you are wrong. I know it feels good and cozy where you are.  But don’t condemn yourself to a non-exit place. Don’t make your mindset convince you that is not the right thing to do. That you cannot make it or that you are not capable of doing it.


There is always something new to do. There is always something new to learn. There is a constant innovation. If you receive an opportunity today, to change or to do better, would you be afraid, would you let that your fear decide for you?

This below is a little evaluation and I will like that you are totally honest with yourself when responding to each question.

If you need to make a change and fear is holding you back, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What is the best outcome that can happen?
  • What is the worst outcome that can possibly happen?
  • What is the result of remaining the same?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to send me your answers. 🙂

Just see for yourself the results and analyze what the final decision you will take, what you will do with that fear that is stopping you from achieving your Goal.

Would you take the decision to move forward, or would you prefer that in a near future you will look back at that opportunity you didn’t take and think… I missed it.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

Keep moving forward.

Dreams really come true.

“No dream is too big and no dreamer is too small”

For those with kids or as an Adult who still keeps her inner child alive, it is always exciting to go to the movie theater to see the latest animation film available. I have seen so many of them. I am a movie fan, and my two boys share the same love for the big screen.

Every film has a story to tell, or a lesson to be learned, that will stay in you and will help you remember that specific film and how special it made you felt. I distinctly remember this quote was mention in the film Turbo from DreamWorks Animation. 

Some people only saw a small snail who had the dream to race in the Indianapolis 500, some of them thought that it was a Crazy Idea! Impossible! He will never make it! But Tito trusted Theo’s (Turbo) abilities and supported him until he completed his dream.

As in the film, there will be people around you that when you tell them about your dreams they will discourage you. Don’t let them do that.

It depends on you if you want to let people put you down, or tell you that you are Crazy or you will never make it. Don’t let small minds convince you that your dream is too big.

Your dreams can scare you for how big they are, but your determination and commitment to accomplish them, will make the difference.

Surround yourself with those on the same mission as you.

Stay focus and never give up.